Alex Corey (礎 等 Ishizue Hitoshi) is a detective of the Monterey County Police. He is from the game Clock Tower 2.

Concept Art Of Alex Corey

His LooksEdit

He has dark brown hair, with brown eyes. He wears a suit that is grey with a black shirt on and a red tie.


Alex has a snobbyish personality when he takes his pills. If he don't take his pills he will act really retarted. Alex will do anything if he don't take his pills. Like, he would jump around, bounce off the walls, act retarted. If he takes his pills then he would act like a normal guy.

In the gameEdit

Alex first appears in the second chapter when Alyssa wakes up in a hospital room. He tells her that he carried her there after he heard a call from the Tate's house. Alex tells Alyssa about Stephanie, saying that she was just hurt but she will be okay. Alex later leaves the room but he came be seen time threw time in the game. He also appears in the last chapter, 'The Fathers'. Besides being in the chapter, 'Nosy Monsters Cage.' He also blames the crime on Philip. But later he sees that he dies and can't blame him anymore.


Alex at his work would act normal, but if he did not take his pills he would always say someone name Peggy Sue killed the person or herself. Knowing that there was never a Peggy Sue at the crime. Making it look like it was a person back then that he arrested.


Alex Corey!