George Nash Maxwell

Hair Color:
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height:6 Foot
Birthday: September 25
Zodaic: Libra
Biggest Regreat:
Strength: Scientist
Weakness: Maxwell Curse
Likes: His child. Although he likes his kids, he didn't know what he was doing
Age: 37


Everyone must die! And suffer forever!

George Maxwell (才堂 不志人 Saidō Fushito)


He is wearing dark blue navy pants. He is also wearing a turtleneck and a long lab coat full of blood on it. He haves a mask on his face and when he takes it off he looks like Bates if Bates haves his own body.

In the game

George Maxwell was the real biological father of Alyssa Hale. He worked at Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab. He was also the eldest son of the noble Maxwell Family. He always had a reputation as being a genius, and lived up to that. He feel in love with a young girl name Jaymee. Soon after that George had a baby girl, Lynn, and Alyssa Hale now whom he buried because of the supposed Maxwell Curse. Because of that, he catched the Toxin that Allen Hale did. He soon became a psychopathic killer and was kill people with his axe. He was the third and final enemy of the game. In the final chapter he and Philip Tate, and Allen Hale have a conversation and later Alyssa confronts him he is killed by Alex Corey. NOTE: As George Maxwell was killing people. He didn't know what he was doing.