Kathryn Tate

Kathryn Holly Tate
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Gender: Female
Height: 5 Foot 9
Birthday: October 4
Zodiac Sighn: Liba
Biggest Regreat: Not doing things right the first time
Strength: Fashion
Weakness: Family against her
Likes: Philip and Michael
Age: 40

Other facts

Kathryn Tate (鷹野 弥生 Takano Yayoi) the mother of Michael, Ashley, and Stephanie. She spoiled Michael.


Kathryn has black hair with brown eyes, slippers on with sun flowers on them just like Stephanie's. She wears a tan jacket with a brown dress on. She also has her hair in a bun.

In the game

Kathryn seems to be scared of whats all going on. Thinking that she is going to get killed with all the others. Kathryn and Philip are in the kitchen in the beginning of the game. Descussing about Ashley is about to come home and how that Kathryn is affraid something bad will happen. Philip on the other hand was trying to make her feel better. Just like what Kathryn thought, something bad did happen though. Kathryn almost gets strangled by her daughter, Ashley when Ashley came home. Her and her husband had to kill their daughter because she went insane.

Kathryn can die from Stephanie killing her on the balcony. Kathryn gets scared when Stephanie trys to stab her in her bedroom. She screams and Alyssa comes in and pushes Stephanie over. Then Alyssa tells Kathryn to leave, once she does she goes into the boiler room and curls in a ball in a corner, saying that "We're all gonna die."

Later on She goes into the dinning room and sees her neice and daughter on the floor and calls the hospital, it don't say what happens to her after that but for most of it, it looks like shes still alive.

Secerts about her

Thet never talked about this in the game. About the Tate family Kathryn sometimes might seem nice but she was mean to Ashley and Stephanie. She was mostly mean to Ashley making her do all the cleaning work. Kathryn also took Stephanie's toys away saying that she was too old for them. Kathryn always loved Michael. She took him to places and left Ashley at home to babysit her sister Stephanie.