Michael Terri Tate
Hair Color: Grayish black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Gender: Male
Height: 5 Foot 8
Birthday: September 26
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Biggest Regreat: Not stealing enough candy from his sisters
Strength: Stealing
Weakness: Not getting what he wants and Stephanie does something to get him upset and cry
Likes: Sports
Age: 15

Michael Tate (鷹野 雅春 Takano Masaharu) a character from Clock Tower 2. He was also a stalker. His sisters are Ashley and Stephanie.

Michael wears a blue shirt and brown shorts. He wears green slippers with blue dots on them. His hair is grayish black, and his eyes are brown.

Any part that the player chooses to ether see him dead in his chair or being in the armor he will die no matter what. Michael was the oldest child in the Tate family, he also got what he wanted. He might have a passion for sports. Michael can die by Stephanie stabbing him in his chair, after turning off his computer and made him scream. He can also die by running out of his room going in the suit of armor and then later on falling in the lab.

Michael's parents loved him the most and treated him with respect more then Ashley and Stephanie. Michael's body could also be moved if he died in his chair and makes him fall in the living room, which was done by Stephanie, he can also fall in the room by the living room.