Philip Tate, The Michael worshiper

Philip Tate (鷹野 初 Takano Hajime) A character from Clock Tower 2. His wife is Kathryn and is children are Michael, Ashley, and Stephanie. Philip believed in the Maxwell's curse. He works at a lab, with George and Allen. He also believed Michael was a God and treated him sweetly.

Philip goes crazy over the Maxwell's curse and he thinks that they all are going to die. He then wants to kill Alyssa over the curse then later tells her to burn the statue. Alex in the game believes that Philip was behind it all but really it was Allen. He also cutted his daughter up, Ashley, just because she turn to a zombie and tried to kill Kathyrn. He really did not care if he killed her, thinking for his wife more then his daughter.

Philip also loved Michael the most out of his kids and treated him better then them all. He also took Michael to places and took good care of him, like Kathryn he worshiped Michael and was mean to the other girls and could care less about them. That's why he killed Ashley and did not care what happen to her.

Philip gets too easy, affraid of a stupid statue and beleived that it will hurt him. He also actted like he worshiped the statue, holding it almost everywhere he goes. Also a secret about the game is when Alyssa walked over to him when he was laying on the floor he was looking up her skirt.

He also collected comics, because he, Kathryn, and his son would read them and got turned on by them if they had sexual stuff in it. Philip loves to run around in the house and say stuff about the Maxwell curse.