Stephanie Tate is a character in Clock Tower 2. She is the first stalker to attack Alyssa. She is a seven year old in the first grade.

Her looks

She has brown hair with green cloth around her two buns with a orange bow. She has yellow eyes when she is infected with the toxin but when not her eyes are green. Her eyes also looks like cat eyes. Her top is yellowish green with a orange vest. Also her skirt is orange with greenish yellow socks and with slippers that have sunflowers on them. Also she has red lips.

More Facts

Stephanie first and only appears in the chapter 'Yellow Cursed Doll'. She is also the first stalker and will come and attack Alyssa. Stephanie also tried to attack her mother. In one endding she will kill her mom, in other endding she will kill her dad. Also another thing is she can in the game kill her brother Michael.

Stephanie's line she mostly says is, "Ha! I am going to kill you!" Before Stephanie trys to stab Alyssa she will first amire her knife so carelessly. Then she will try to stab her, if the player hits the buttons on the controler then she can't stab them. But if they don't she will stab them.

Stephanie also appears in lots of parts in the first chapter. Like when something trys to attack Alyssa or a phone call with her voice. Then she will come in. Stephanie is the one who does the stuff and she could be a witch due to that.

Stephanie also found the statue in one of the closets because of being scared by her sister, Ashley, when she was a zombie caused her to hide in a closet. After Stephanie found it she became infected with the toxin.

Later she is freed from the toxin when Alyssa burned the statue, which leads them falling on the floor. Then Stephanie's mom, Kathryn calls the hospital and the two go there and there is nothing more about Stephanie.


Stephanie and Ashley use to play dolls and house together before the game started. Also Stephanie and Ashley where miss treated by there parents because of her parents loving Michael.

Stephanie also killed the cat they had in there house. Also Stephanie and Ashley in the past use to sneek in the frige just to eat something because of there parents starving them. Due to the fact of them being skinny looking. Stephanie and Ashley never really hanged with Alyssa but mostly together.

Stephanie also gots hidden pictures that she loves to draw in her room.